The logo of Himalayan Techies can be correlated with different elements. It is inspired mainly by Mountains and their tendency to be at the top. The initials of its name are combined and blended together to form a structure which represents growth and the temperament to rise.



The color blue is chosen because it is often linked with trust, loyalty and intelligence. Whereas, orange is chosen because it symbolizes creativity and determination. Together they signify that, Himalayan Techies aspires to win trust and loyalty of the clients with immense creativity and determination backed by intelligence.


Logo Variations:



The most important part of our logo presentation is the correct deployment of the icon and the typeface. Most often the typeface should be placed right below the icon but as per the need of the setup, the typeface can sometimes be used besides the icon.


Logo Reverse: 

We have adopted a color palette that specifically represents the identity of our brand. The white logo can be featured on solid colored backgrounds (two primary brand colours; blue and orange, two secondary colors; reddish orange and black) which signifies creativity, determination and strength.


Clear Spacing:


To safeguard the accurate and consistent usability of the logo, a minimum amount of clearspace should be maintained. 

The clearspace is minimum equivalent to the vertical height of the H typeface, regardless of the size at which the logo is reproduced.


Incorrect logo usage (Don’ts):


It should always be ensured that the logo of Himalayan Techies isn’t presented in the below-given ways under any circumstances.


Brand Placement:


The Himalayan Techies logo can further be placed and presented along with different elements for professional usage. While doing so, the designer should always abide by the quoted rules for logo placement. The color, alignment, clearspace and typeface presentation should comply with the authentic branding guideline.