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Create, Share, Engage

In today’s digital age, managing your business is incomplete until you manage your social accounts. Social platform helps you connect with your prospect consumers and audiences. Social engagement is the act of interacting 1-on-1 on a large scale.? Share your ideas, demonstrate product/service details, create brand awareness, engage your audience, there are limitless opportunities to utilize your social account. So, start managing your social account.? We are here to help you get the full benefits of social platform.

Facebook Page Management

Connect with world

Facebook’s business page can help business organization reach out to a huge pool of potential audience all around the globe. Facebook page can be a great platform to create brand awareness, promote your product/services, interact with your audience,.why being technical?

Create content that matters

Content is the basis of creating engagement. We create visual contents that helps to generate engagement among your audience. A picture is worth a thousand words, at Himalayan Techies we create visual contents that make social engagement more effective. Interactive content is a good way to generate two way communication which can create a channel between the organization and digital audience. Visual content keeps your social page lively and pleasant.

Data Analytics

Understand where and how your audience interact with your business page. We optimize your content on the basis of data generated by your business page and help you optimize your content for better growth of the audience . Set your target audience and monitor whether your audience are being reached out or not during your previous campaigns. Monitor whether the traffic are being generated from mobile devices, app or webpages.

Lower Your Marketing Expenses

Create your Facebook page free of cost. Getting your page ready costs you nothing and paying for ads (to boost your posts, increasing page likes and running sponsored campaign) are relatively inexpensive when compared to traditional advertising medium such as print, radio or TVCs. Not only Facebook ads are inexpensive, you also have the power to reach audience that are  much more targeted.

Increase Your Web Traffic

Having trouble increasing your web traffic? We can help you out to market your business. We link your website to your Facebook page, design carousel ads to showcase your product and services over ad campaigns. Be a great marketer by tracking your website activities using Facebook Pixels. Facebook is a great platform to make your website visible to your audience.

Any confusion regarding Facebook marketing? Feel free to contact us. We are available to help grow your digital identity.

Invest Wisely, Create a brand that matters.

Having trouble promoting your FB page?

Are your posts getting lower reach than expected?

Having problem increasing your website traffic?

Want to increase your sales using digital platform?

We can be the solution. Digital promotion is the most economical way to promote your business. Target your audience as per the nature of your business. We will help you run such digital promotion campaigns as per your requirements. Find out how you are able to reach to more audience:

Facebook Boosting

With 2 billion users worldwide, you can boost your page, post, campaign or events all over the world. Make your page visible to people who are using facebook at any place. You can target your audience on the basis of demographics, location, personal interest or using data collected using Facebook Pixels. Be ready to make your  content reach out to every corner of the world.

Google Adwords

Want to make your website visible to people who are looking for your services and products over google? We will help you be visible across the web. Be it Search, Display, Video or App Ads, achieve a great exposure using Google Adwords within your own budget range.

Google Adsense

Make your ads visible all over the internet. Display ads can be used all over Google Services such as Youtube, Gmail and Google Play Store as well as around various Adsense enabled websites. Google Adsense is a great tool for increasing brand awareness and also for promoting products and services.