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Leading digital agency with solid and development expertise. We build mobile and web products for startups and design intricate trading platforms.

In the world of contract software development, HimalayanTechies is truly one-of-a-kind. Founded by individuals with more than combined 25 years in US, UK and Nepalese high-tech industry but now on the ground in Kathmandu, we are run by a multi-degreed MIT graduate and CMU graduate with Silicon Valley experience. The best of all worlds. We’re a “Nepalese” company with a western work ethic, attitude toward client satisfaction, and ability to effectively communicate. The number one reason offshore relationships fail, over time, is because of poor communications. We speak your language-verbally, contractually, even between the lines. We understand that customer satisfaction is the key to our success.
Oh, wait … the icing on the cake … ever wanted to visit the Himalayas?

Our Philosophy

We offer a guarantee. Using agile programming and project management, you can see what and how well we’re doing all the time. If you’re not happy you can stop the work and terminate the relationship. Hasn’t happened yet, but we stand by this guarantee. Low Risk.

Software development contracts should support two parties in their work together. but we’re not naïve; we know they must also protect the parties, making sure one doesn’t take advantage of the other. When a contract is well thought out and supports Agile development, there is no ‘advantage’ to be taken. Risk is shared appropriately in order to benefit both parties and best meet your needs. We’re all happy.

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