Business Intelligence

Long Term Stability

HT provides a  platform for transformation of  set of theories, methodologies, architectures, and technologies  into meaningful and useful information for business purposes which gives new opportunities. HT makes use of such new opportunities and implements an effective strategy that  provides a competitive market advantage and long-term stability. We provide effective business intelligence software which helps to analyze complex data and support managerial decision making. HT specializes in SharePoint BI and Pentaho BI. Contact  HT if you have a requirement build for  a BI dashboard or reports using those technologies. HT provides a solution if someone is yet not ready to port to SharePoint or custom Pentaho solutions.

Software Sales and Support

Rome was not built in a day

Himalayan Techies can develop software as per your requirements. But custom development of application can be pricey.

Product Development

Attractive Offerings

HT supports its clients’ profitable growth by improving the new product development process and working directly on higher value, providing more attractive offerings. HT applies its expert knowledge to product and operational improvement by transferring best practices across industries, creating customized next practices for its clients, and effectively applying its consultants’ deep industry-specific experience.

Web Applications

Intriguing Websites

HT understands the importance of a website in the success of your business as well as how its effectiveness helps you to reach out your target market and the customers. We know how important and essential is it for you to build your brand, we have expertise to provide you with just the right web designing services which will allow you to have intriguing websites.